Thursday, May 22, 2008

after exam , i am still very busy T.T

exam is over !
but ...
although i do not need to study , but i have A LOT of things to do !

june :
1.piano exam
2.taekwondo competition
3.taekwondo exam(this coming sun)
4.prepare for aniverssary

woah ! such a hectic life i have !~
who helps me !

for piano exam ,
think i must everyday practise..
during exam , i didnt practise at all..
aahhh ~~~~~

for taekwondo comp and grading..
it's ok .. =)
bcz , training and tournament training are as usual..
yes !!! competition competition !!!
i love tkd comp !!

prepare for library anniversary..
yes !!!
this is what i am waiting for ...
actually we have the idea d..
i already gt a idea on the banner and the drawing..
so...will say out on fri when meeting..
we love ann !!!
this year's ann will be the extraordinary 1 !!!

i enjoy hectic life =)

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