Monday, September 28, 2009

pic is nt complete yet.

whee ~~

went there at the opening day , they said it's grand , but it isnt at all..
just a dancing..
mayb the grand ceremony was in the afternoon ??
yea , maybe..

okay , so , we went there to celebrate lob's bday !

nah , this is the look.     

birthday girl =)

here are some  looks of hard rock

and  siao

the peeps there  rocks , feel like fly fm's peeps. xD
yea , here's the bar , and u can sit on the chair UNDER water .
nice !
  and of course , there r a lot of clothes ,guitar and so on.
heee .  i lazy to upload

the changing colour's words

 the sport cars.

my husband..LOL

the foods.
lazy to upload all..xD

of course !
toilet is a must ..LOL

this is still the compund ih HR.a fake beach. lalala
but there's a real beach beside it

 ah qi ~

the place w here we ate..pool side =)

oh nah !! this is miss canggih.LOL

signature for dono wat's sake , design of the hotel i think

and th ere's a rock shop.
and i spotted this.
baby tee..cute !

 favourate pic !
fanny and i !

oops..yin fang didnt wear anything..eee yer r~
cuk cuk cuk*

qi love this..=.=

pic will be uploaded soon.
study time ~

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