Friday, September 18, 2009

library anniversary

tadaa !!!
this is the lib. ann post..
okay , i knw it's late but still , who cares ? xD

here's the look of the banners..
it's abt classical music ( if i'm nt mistaken , oops )

here come the MJ ( micheal jackson )
she's shu mei..
i am going to salute her , u will knw why afterwards..
so it's her dancing for the opening.

look at chai ling's pose..hahaha !!

f3's sketch

f2's item. violin .

phaik yu and her sis singing 心墙 .nice !

f1's sketch . the centre girl is T's cousin ! xD

ning hui knws wat was i laughing .. 'M.LAO' hahahahah

and this is the little emcee for this item..she's cute !! booom !

tea break..
so took pic with them.

ok, back to the ann.
nah see see !! shu mei playing her electric guitar.
so tat's y i salute her..

wooosh !! * i want , nobody nobody but you * points + clap clap + points + clap.* =D

f2's sketch

siao kia bin.tammy's production

tammy and ah bey ~ * u wont knw how hard i snap this pic,bcz ah bey nvr let ppl to take her pic . gasp ! *

hsieh zhen !

here comes some's jorr wii and her mum - mrs yap.and her father beside.

they said this is xin yi's and my kid. LOL

here comes the 2nd superstar. mrs goh poh cheng's daughter - jia jia.

greedy her.xD

thx for the memories.
and to seniors and teacher for letting me take a responsibility and learnt something precious ! =)


name written said...

its like almost d same v last year geh....

huimei said...

same vanue , same club..LOL..
just we f5 are nt performing only..
btw , who are you ?