Wednesday, September 16, 2009

national day

this is late , yea i knw..
hey i cant really blog , people !!!!
i cant see anything here..
anyway , it's abt national day.. =]

the dressing was so much different with the teacher's day performance..
anyway , it's a nice experience. =)

the indian family

the doctor( from taiwan )

hahahahhaa !!! 2 bomoh

the malay family ( hey , kasvini is an indian actually )

kas . meow ~

my wife and this mak yi po !!!!

nah !! this mak yi po tomato lynn xD

xD our director..goh chea how !

poh lin and i .

eternal sounds fake,
i would rather tell u with
my life.


Elynn said...

gud post~~
omg! i m so...imageLess -.-
lala~~nvm,juz like wat u said,
nice experience.
i ve never tried mak yi po this character b4
and actually i felt i m nt gud enuf lorx~
will improve nex time if stil ve chance..

huimei said...

actually u're great !!!
eh , u knw wat?!
i dun even dare to take up this character..
whenever i think of the dressing, and the image...
so u're bravo !!!!!!
really !!
u're better than me 1000 times.. =)