Friday, February 15, 2008

i forget..arghhh

I suppose to go my friend's house and do PJ project , but i 4gt !! omg !!
they already reached there at,i havent reach , havent go..
nobody here...wait for my sis coming back now , i am so panic , but i now try to calm down..just like now..i do blog..swt...
arghhhh !! when is she coming back ?? i reli gonna go mad dee !!
shit ! jz nw my mum still at home , now dono where is she dee...mayb went out dee...argghh !!
i just cant imaginie if they finish the project when i reach there .. *panic*
okay..she havent come friend stays at lip sin ..wat a far !!!!!!!!!!!!
haiz..i am reli 'loh mo' u noe ???
cham liao !!! mau pengsan liao !!!

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