Tuesday, February 26, 2008

embarassing .. happy .. >.< ^.^

doing add math and maths just now..now stop dee , too pening dgn add math !! so i need a rest..LOL !!
haiz...add math and math r WAY DIFFERENT !!!
maths is soooooooo easy but add math..haiz.....
tuition teacher havent teacher until chap 3 , so i dono how to do...blame the school teacher..dono wat the hell is she talking abt also !!! i miss miss chuah hoe lean !!! she is a good teacher okay ?? u guys reli dono to appreciate huh ?? she is good in teaching although her lesson is a lil bit bored..but i never feel bored also ... *blame the school* ...always chg teacher..fuck off !

and yeah...i was so so so sleepy today..
ytd i slept at abt 2am..and woke up at abt 7am..stupid house practice...
and after that , EST , sivik ... STUPID SIVIK !!! how come my year is soooooo damn unlucky ???
tell u guys tat already graduated , we hv to study sivik and mayb sivik is included in SPM!!!
how lucky r u guys ?!?!??!?!! wat a FAIR !!!!!! *grrr*
and after school..went to tuition just now...add math tuition tat i always satisfied with the method of the teacher teaches...*applause*

okay..plan to sleep already but NO !!!
12am ...is my bday dee..hhahaa...my friends asked me to wait..
okay....although i am sleepy , but it's ok la...once in year 2008...
and...thx 1st ya !!! love u guys !!! muackx...

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dabizi said...

who is add math teacher>>!!i noe tak??
yea yea..i noe nid to study sivik!
still nid to take EST in spm?