Wednesday, February 27, 2008

happy bday to me..

happy bday !!
i should be happy today .. and yeah .. i am happy but i am a lil bit not happy too.. X(
thx for those who wish me happy bday and the present !!!!
pm : i love ur present vy cheers me up .. because it's reli ada nilai..haha...
and okay...i am a lil bit disappointed to my friends i join everyday..i mean EVERYDAY !!
not because of wat...just because of their attitude !! wat the hell r u guys trying to do or tell ???
u noe , i am reli disappointed although i am still laughing and smiling as usual..just i dunwan to show out my feeling only since today is my bday .. lolx..i dun understand y u 5 always do that kinda stuff !!!!!! FREAK OFF !!! i hate it !!!

after pj , i do entertain my classmates , around 15++ classmates i think...those who stay at the stairs and looking me 'coh siao coh ten' ... okay...i was being like a clown..lolx...i walk the stairs like i am already cacat !!! hahah !! ended up...they laugh like hell !!!!!! happy , guys ?? haha..
and 1 more...i entertained them when english period...thw whole class except tze teng because....(ask the student in my class) .. we r soooo crazy...oh's me ..i am so crazy...haha ...*think back and laugh like hell* ... XD XD XD

i am sick .. i hate flu !!! my nose is soooo itchy !!! arghh !!!!

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