Sunday, February 14, 2010

dan's bday

ding dong ding dong ding dong  * clock ticks 12 times *
tadaaa !! it's daniel ding's 18th bday !! our 2nd bro.
as usual , we went to celebrate , the party was held at his home sweeet home.
we'd photo taking session at the playground near his house.
let's see...
this is the bday boy...

dan's fav toy story ! =D

boon khai and his jun ling reached 1st.
siao lek with dan's tua kong dslr

qi was the one who reached afda them.

qi wants a hug. X)
xiao mei and T.woohoo
lek and qi
qi with her hiao bin 
their parallel head..SO FUNNY
krim hood again ! it's gurt hood ( yogurt hood )
rick n T.

xm and lalapom
2 pairss..applause*
lek's expression
so and dad.
doraemon T.
our face + hand pose. * pai kua *
two of us cho siao again..
look at d hair is so ugly b4 i trim it a few days ago..hahaha

now .. it;'s time for photo shoot. =D

look at them
and look at my expression.
it's time now !!!
emo us.
theresa running.
1 from dan's dslr , 1 from qi's dslr. the power of dslr..
tat's y i always love their tua kong dslr .
and emo.
presenting qiqi
dan the pro photographer and his pro dslr.
another photographer of our gang are qi and zhi hong , but too bad , i dun hv their pro pattern's photo.
we terima wahyu
wait !!!! ladies and gentlemen , watch out for the 'boom'
whee ~
mei n mei
lek loves his son
parents of the kid
boon khai

he loves his son =)
T the ah ma loves him too
xiao mei
qi loves her son too

whee ~ i love dan's pro tua kong.
nice !
me n boon khai are the like pole . bk and jun ling are unlike pole. X)
T made qi's signature.qi said she we will look at qi's original.
nah ! the original 
back to dan's house.
look at his collection. GASPS *
everyone is so happiiiee.. =)
and there;s some entertainment.wth..hahaha
see man n zhi hong teng teng teng teng * whistle *
shi hun. =D
eric and andy the gay.
big mouth eric the narrator.
and look at my expression.
big mouth eric and me.
and xiao khai. xD
eric and gang organize daniel a treasure hunt. they hide the puzzle everywhere and dan would've to find all , and end up , it's this puzzle ! wow !
sing birthday song time =D
we asked him to close his eyes while he's making his wish. then when he opened his eyes..taddaaa !!! surprise !! the 2 big photo album for him..there's are our L4TP gang photos !!
this is my page.woooo~ qi put JK's photo in my page too. =)

and our L4TP group photo of every outings =D * like + love *
he actually bought us Baskin Robin , but it melts ... geli !!!!!
n the shirt we bought him. qi chose it i suppose.

你,可以改变结局 !

hope to see you n qi be together ! =)

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