Sunday, February 7, 2010


bloggie oh bloggie....
i think i'll send my bloggie into the 'cold palace' in 2010.
i dont have much free time to blog recently..very sorrowful rite /??
it's all bcz i'm too busy this year.
college life , wat to do.
i even hv to study and do my revision during cny..
1st assessment is right after exam , well..not right , but near.
okay , i'll stop this post now.
gotta go by my new year clothes . ( see , i still havent finish buying. )

anyway , there's 2 interesting posts tat i will surely blog abt it.
stay tune.
1.daniel's bday. ( breath taking ! wait til u see the pic ) woooohoooooo ~ WOT !
2.mangrove planting. ( fun , disgusting yet precious experience )

upcoming event : SOSAM HOLLOQ BBQ NIGHT !
do join the fun peeps ! ( only for SOSAM members )

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