Friday, August 14, 2009

blogging in school

wooosh !! i had finally success to log in this page..
wat a hard one.
so now , it's my time to clean the moss..xD

but wat can i blog ? i dun hv picture here...
urghh !!
ok , the reason for not blogging is :
my pc kena virus !! so it has problem with blogger. i cant log in to the 'new post' page..isshh !!

nvm , tell u all a joke.
when we were having our meeting ytd , there were some prs girls preparing their edu. exhibition on the stage too..
one of them sang :"
which made the whole team burst into a big big laugh !!
cheers ~!
miles away from here
1 centimetre from my soul.


魂·失 said...

same la............

name written said...

lol...y pi gu mei you rou?

huimei said...

[kc] huh huh ??/ wat same ?xD

[annonymous] who are you again ??=/
how i knw , she saw someone's butt's fleshless , so she sang it lor..